Personal Websites for Academics

Kick-off Workshop for University of Tennessee's INFORMS Chapter

March 31, 2022


March 31, 2022


1:00 PM


University of Tennessee


Websites used to be developed by groups of people to meet the needs of other groups of people. Today, as the internet grows more personalised than an encyclopedia of information, I argue we need more personal websites. Social media platforms are limited and occupational in treating your content. Your message might be curtailed by what LinkedIn allows or 280 characters on Twitter.

Academics, especially grad students, need it even more as few CV pages do not include most details. When looking for work, it clarifies uncertainties about the candidate.

Contrary to many think, maintaining a personal website is neither difficult nor expensive. Unfortunately, creating a website is approached as a “technology problem” to be solved. Projects are coloured from the beginning by enthusiasms for or fear for HTML, CSS and other fancy jargon — when it doesn’t have to be so.

In this talk, I will discuss why academics should have a personal website. I will also guide through designing a website and hosting it with a live hands-on example using Owlstown.


Example Sites

Here are some example sites.


Name Affiliation Website
Dennis C. Rasmussen Syracuse University
Jonathan Ochshorn Cornell University
Cynthia Rudin Duke University
Laura Albert University of Wisconsin, Madison
Sean Willems University of Tennessee, Knoxville

: Examples of personal websites (professors)


Name Affiliation Website
Hadley Wickham RStudio
Rami Krispin Apple
Debarghya Das Glean
Alison Hill IBM
Brett Wendling Federal Trade Commission

: Examples of personal websites (industry)

Grad Students and Researchers

Name Affiliation Website
Sander van Bree University of Glasgow
Neha Gupta Duke University
Jared Colston University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sajjad Amrollahi Biyouki University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Slim Lim University of California, Berkeley

: Examples of personal websites (students and researchers)

See Owlstown’s directory for more examples. See this Twitter thread 🧵for even more examples.

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March 31, 2022
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