The Song of Lord

Series: The Question of God

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, or the song of the lord, is a 700 verses long conversation between Lord Sri Krishna and Arjun. It discusses key principles of action and embodies more wisdom than I can grasp.

Food Choices in America

I had always wondered about the ubiquity of unhealthy food in the US and the blatant absence of fresh fruits and vegetables. Why are our supermarkets full of unhealthy chips, why does bread have corn syrup, and why do berries cost $9.99 and berries snacks cost $1.99!?

Biggest Social Advertisers on Facebook

Series: rstats

Facebook provides data on all ad funding related to social issues, politics and elections. Here is a simple plot and table to explore the most prominent advertisers.

Some Website Stats

This is my digital garden. Here is it’s report card via Google Analytics.

Trying New Things

It is essential to keep experimenting with new things in life. We don’t know what would stick and be successful; we can only take guesses. Take notes; that’s the only way to keep a log.

Harvard’s Website

A university’s website tells a lot about it. Harvard — like all things in education and research — is a prime example.

Making Nails

Once upon a time, there was a nail-making factory during the peak of the industrial revolution in rural England. The workers arrived there every morning at 8 am and worked till 4 pm to make nails. Just plain nails. One day, the factory owner’s son visited the plant.

Billionaires and Taxes

Series: rstats

How much do the super rich really pay? Until now, the answer was unknown — thanks to privacy laws. Recently, tax returns of the super rich was leaked to ProPublica. I thought of exploring the billionaires and their tax rates.


There are three types of arguments. You can argue about what happened (past), you can argue about what’s happening (present), or you can argue about what’s gonna happen (future).

Imaginary Reality

We know less than we think and we don’t even know what we don’t know.

I Web, Therefore I Exist

Slides, recorded lecture and additional resources around my talk on how to create and control your digital identity.

My Name

I do not have a last name and it freaks people out.

Today I Learnt

This is my digital kitchen sink. Basically a dump of cool things.

Gartner Hype Cycle

Technologies come and go. The real question is can you predict its popularity?

Museums and Experience Tourism

Museums are a thing of past. Google has more over-the-top information than I need. Why not target for the experience instead of expertise?