Moving Next from Revue to Substack

Twitter is shutting down Revue, the newsletter platform that I use for Next. Thus, I’m migrating to Substack. You shouldn’t need to do anything on your side.

CK Cafe: Using Association Rules to Find Basket of Goods

In this lab session, I share how to use apriori algorithm for association mining. The goal is to find useful causal and association rules which can help in designing promotions for the company. Plus, you get to see what’s served at an Indian cafe.

Is the world population going to collapse?

Population collapse is a theory that says if the growth rates continue to decline the way they are decreasing right now, we would reach population zero. It is a stage where the population neither grows, nor declines. That is, the number of births plus in-migrants equals the number of deaths plus out-migrants. While this may sound cheerful, you may not have considered the pitfalls yet.

Small Improvements

Bihar is one of the poorest states in India. Their over all literacy rate is 70% but there’s stark difference between girls (50%) and boys (70%). In 2007, the government decided to distribute bicycles to all girls for free in the hope to get higher school enrollment. The program was called Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna (Chief Minister’s Programme on Cycle for Girls). The program had astonishing improvements.

The best stats you’ve ever seen

There’s a famous saying: All models are wrong but some are useful. How much of statistics is wrong and how much of it is useful? Some thoughts on Hans Rosling’s popular talk on global economic development and optimism.

Next — Today I learnt About R

What is Next? A short and sweet curated collection of R-related works. Five stories. Four packages. Three jargons. Two tweets. One Meme. You can subscribe by providing your details here. Promise, no spams. Email address First name (Optional) Last name (Optional) By subscribing, you agree with Revue’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you are unsure, here are some editions that my readers loved.

Is COVID-19 Data tampered?

Is there any evidence of tampering or manipulation in COVID-19 daily cases reported by countries? Using Benford analysis in R, I try to reach at some conclusion.

Statistical Modelling and Analysis of the Computer-Simulated Datasets

My first academic publication: a peer-reviewed book chapter on statistical modelling using Gaussian processes. We reviewed several GP models and correlation structures, and methods to handle numerical instabilities due to near-singular matrices. Finally, we reviewed several algorithms developed specifically for analysing big data obtained from computer simulators.