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Is COVID-19 Data tampered?

Is there any evidence of tampering or manipulation in COVID-19 daily cases reported by countries? Using Benford analysis in R, I try to reach at some conclusion.

Statistical Modelling and Analysis of the Computer-Simulated Datasets

Over the last two decades, the science has come a long way from relying on only physical experiments and observations to experimentation using computer simulators. This chapter focuses on the modelling and analysis of data arising from computer simulators. It turns out that traditional statistical metamodels are often not very useful for analyzing such datasets. For deterministic computer simulators, the realizations of Gaussian Process (GP) models are commonly used for fitting a surrogate statistical metamodel of the simulator output. This peer-reviewed book chapter reviews GP models, their numerical stability due to near-singularity of spatial correlation structures. We also presented generalisations of GP model and reviewed algorithms for big data.