Biggest Social Advertisers on Facebook

Series: rstats

Facebook provides data on all ad funding related to social issues, politics and elections. Here is a simple plot and table to explore the most prominent advertisers.

Billionaires and Taxes

Series: rstats

How much do the super rich really pay? Until now, the answer was unknown — thanks to privacy laws. Recently, tax returns of the super rich was leaked to ProPublica. I thought of exploring the billionaires and their tax rates.

Today I Learnt

This is my digital kitchen sink. Basically a dump of cool things.

Invento Robotics: Launching Humanoid Robots

Invento Robotics by Balaji Viswanathan is probably one of the most famous start-ups in the Indian robotics space. Their flagship robot Mitra was used at a high profile Global Entrepreneurship Summit in October 2017. This marketing case study is on designing their marketing plan. This research work was selected into The Case Center 2021 Competition in the Hot Topics category. Colloquially, this competition is known as the Oscars of case studies.

TCS Retail

Summer intership at Tata Consultancy Services (Retail Division)

Chai Kaapi

Analytics live project for a fast food chain in India

Kriger Campus

Market Planning and Business Development Internship