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Invento Robotics: Launching Humanoid Robots

Based in Bengaluru, India, Invento Robotics (Invento) was a start-up that manufactured humanoid robots. In October 2017, Invento received a mandate to develop a humanoid robot to welcome India’s prime minister and the US president’s senior adviser at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that year in Hyderabad. It was a high-stakes event for Invento; a positive reception to the robots would mean many leads for the company, while a negative response could mar Invento’s reputation. While Invento’s time had hitherto been spent on research and development, there was pressure for it to now determine an overall marketing strategy. It was imperative that Invento quickly crystallize ideas about its customers, product positioning, branding, pricing, distribution channels, and promotions.

TCS Retail

Summer intership at Tata Consultancy Services (Retail Division)

Chai Kaapi

Analytics live project for a fast food chain in India

Kriger Campus

Market Planning and Business Development Internship