Trying New Things

The mind is for having ideas. Not for holding them.

By Harshvardhan in life thoughts

May 13, 2022

It is essential to keep experimenting with new things in life. We don’t know what would stick and be successful; we can only take guesses. More often than not, we tend to be risk averse because we don’t know enough. However, being a little more optimistic pays off in the long term.

A simple way I started keeping track of my actions (or inactions, depending on how you see them) was to jot them down in my notes app. In fact, I am writing this monologue in my notes.1 But once I have a formidable idea on what I’m aiming at, I can easily act on them.

Even if the ideas I noted down aren’t actionable — and in most cases they are not — writing them down gives me a clarity of thought. Prof Sean often says how we can imagine things in our mind without clarity and only when we write them down we can find how much we think we understand.

Consider the example of my newsletter, Next. One fine evening, I was chilling with my roommates on our front porch and this idea came to my mind: writing a #rstats newsletter with five stories, four packages, three jargons, two tweets and one meme. I noted it down. Almost all the details I could think of at that time.

These notes in isolation do not make sense. But these give me a good grasp of how things would pan out if I actually started with the newsletter.

A few weeks later when I actually started writing the newsletter, this information became the most important thing I referred.

I also experimented with different methods to take note. I tried Notion, but it was far too organised. I felt like I was spending more time organizing what I was writing than the time I spent actually writing. Notes app gives me a simple method to search and that is how I access most information anyway. ( Popularity of search engines has made students oblivious to directories and folder-file organization.)

  1. Now part of the blog. ↩︎

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May 13, 2022
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