Entrepreneurship and Fun

Prahar: Personalised Goods Business

Along with my friend Pradeep Charan, I ran a poster printing and customised goods business with a turnover of ₹70,000, serving more than 800 orders in less than six months. We moved on for the lack of time but the business idea was picked up by many other ventures on campus.

Podcast: Deconstruct by Syntax IIM Indore

When I was the coordinator of Syntax (IIM Indore's IT and Gaming SIG), we started a podcast to interview experts from a variety of fields. We planned to host open hand discussions on innovation and tech-economy. I could only release one episode and let's see what the juniors do! You can listen to the first episode, interview of Prof Enzo Orsingher on Spotify, Google Podcast, etc.

Statistical Visualisation of Battles in Game of Thrones

I worked on some elementary data visualisation methods to showcase the peculiarities of battles as they occurred in the famous TV show, Game of Thrones.

Comparing Computational Speeds of MRAN and CRAN R

If you use R, you might know that CRAN is the organiser and host for resources of R. However, private companies like Microsoft have recently undertaken projects like MRAN R that use open source methods to speed up most functions of R. This project was about comparing the computational speeds of both the version. I found that MRAN R is much faster for multi-threaded operations and now I use that on my PC. For Macs, both have the same results, as Macs have enhanced interoperability and multithreading by default.