Here is my Github link: You can find my selected coding-related projects there.

Selected Projects

Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Spindle and Theta Waves | R

Recently, I came across "Brain Waves" that aid in learning, concentration or sleep. I created my own set of pure waves using R. I will upload them soon.

Exploring My Spotify Listening | R

This was my version of Spotify Wrapped using R. Check it out:

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets | R

I used rtweet package to find sentiment of tweets around specific topics. Check it out:

Quotes Generator | R

The aim was to make a quotes generator website which we take with our breakfast. I used SelectorGadget and rvest to scrap quotes from Wikipedia page. Then I used Unsplash API to get a random nature background image. Finally, I use Shiny to combine all of these and make a webapp out of it. Go, check it out!

Accessed at

iPhone Prices vs Country | R

I scrapped macroeconomic data (like GDP per capita, Gini coefficient, etc.) for around 150 countries from Wikipedia, World Bank and IMF. I also scrapped iPhone prices for all the countries. Finally vouched to find some relation between the two.

Accessed at

LaTeX Assignment | LaTeX

This is a modern template for college assignment applicable mostly for undergraduate students. The template is built on paper class, details of which can be found at However, this template changes the "look-and-feel" of "paper" class to suit regular needs of college students. The template has been published on Overleaf Gallery now.

Accessed at

Technical Efficiency of Indian Higher Educational Institutes | R

Measuring efficiency of major Indian higher educational institutes including Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management. We also suggested policy measures that should be undertaken by the government to improve college education standards and improve efficiency of the institutes.

Accessed at

Central Limit Theorem Demonstration | R

Few months ago, I gave a presentation on R Shiny Apps to an FPM (PhDs) class. Although the session was quite brief in itself, we developed a small central limit theorem demonstrator. It's not feature rich or anything; just serves the purpose of "seeing" central limit theorem. Accessed at

Fake ID Generator | R

The name says it all. Based on algorithms which dictate identification details. Not intended for illegal usages.

Accessed at