Selected MBA Projects

Private Trains in India (Group Project, Managing Public-Private Partnerships)

We did comprehensive analysis of private trains operations in Delhi-2 cluster. We found operational feasibility of the project (time-tables, rakes, maintenance, cluster overlaps), bidding competition and risks. We also valued the project using NPV and IRR techniques, finding it feasible in most circumstances.

Predicting House Prices in New Delhi (Group Project, Applied Predictive Analytics)

We attempted to predict price of houses in New Delhi based on details such as number of bedrooms, area, etc using regression, splines, neural network and random forest methods. Tools used: R.

Explaining and Predicting Carbon Output of India (Group Project, Statistical Analyses with R)

In this project, we used linear regression to explain sectoral carbon output over the years from 1970 to 2018. We also used neural network models for predicting carbon outputs, given sectoral GDP.

Improving India’s Trade Balance in Travel and Tourism (Group Project, International Trade and WTO)

We studied India's tourism market and ways to improve different kinds of tourism including medical tourism and adventure tourism. We also recommended changes reflecting COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Strategy of Bliss Lifesciences (Group Live Project, Marketing Research)

We studied dietary supplements industry, customers and advertisement channels to recommend complete digital strategy on social media and ecommerce. Tools used: SPSS.

Leadership studies – in my opinion – are primarily driven by survivorship bias. Because of the sheer lack of examples, we tend to study those who succeed and not those who fail. The failure lessons are of the last failure or career-ending failure of the successful leaders. This paper analyses why there is too much positivity is leadership theory and how authenticity might not be end-all approach.

Valuation of IDFC Bank (Group Project, Financial Institutions and Markets)

We assessed a new-age bank using CAMELS framework and valued its stock using discounted cash flow methods and relative valuation methods.

Rural Engagement Programme at Jamthi, Borgaon (5-day Group Site Visit)

We observed various ongoing watershed projects at the Jamthi village – learning about rural life in India, socio-cultural phenomenon like migration, insider-outsider perspectives among others.

Gillette, P&G India (Group Project, Marketing–2)

We did a thorough research study and understood Gillette's India operations through a variety of marketing concepts and frameworks like the brand promise, brand elements, product differentiation, distribution channels, pricing, promotions, communication strategies. We also compared their strategy with their competitors like Nivea India, Vi-John, Bombay Shaving Company, etc.

Rentif-I: Local Equipments Renting Platform (Group Project, Entrepreneurship Orientation)

We designed a business model around sharing different equipments with locals and other residents — partly owned by us, others by users.

Solar Energy in India (Group Project, Industry Awareness)

We analysed the solar energy industry in India, and the impending opportunities and threats. We also analysed the major companies in the industry.

Selected Undergraduate Projects

Technical Efficiency of Indian Higher Educational Institutes (CIS)

Tamanna Gupta and I worked together under Prof Rahul Nilkantan to estimate technical efficiency through the DEA technique of major Indian technical and management institutes. Finally, we suggested policy changes that would be best from an economic point of view.

Causal Relationship between Economically Conservative and Politically Conservative (Individual Term Project, Research Methodology)

I worked under Prof Ajit Phadnis to find a causal relationship between people who are economically conservative and politically conservative from World Values Survey Data using R as a statistical tool for analysis.

The​ ​extent​ ​of​ ​responsibility​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Indian​ ​Government​ ​towards​ ​Illegal Immigrants​ ​in​ ​India (Group Term Project, Philosophy III)

We worked under the guidance of Prof Biswanath Swain to analyse the issue of illegal immigration from various sound ethical perspectives.

Econometric Analysis of Investment by Government on Education (Group Term Project, Econometrics)

We worked under the guidance of Prof Debojyoti Majumdar to use STATA software and perform various statistical tests on it. We found the effect of increasing the expenditure on education by the state government on their per capita GDP. Finally, we performed several high-end econometric analysis techniques to test our preliminary results.

Poster on Water Conservation (Group Project, Critical Thinking and Writing Skills I)

We worked under the guidance of Prof Shweta Kushal and Prof Dibyaduti Roy to develop this poster.

The Un-social media: Effect on Behaviour (Group Term Paper, Psychology I)

We worked under the guidance of Prof Shruti Tewari to develop this paper. The term paper discussed the effects of social media in day to day behaviour of teenagers and youth.

The Essence of Life (Group Term Paper, Philosophy I)

We worked under the guidance of Prof Biswanath Swain to develop this paper. This was, so far, the most interesting paper on which we worked. Questioning the basic pillars of life goals was confounding to us, as well as to respondents of our study.