Current Work

“If what you are doing is not important, and if you don’t think it is going to lead to something important, why are you at Bell Labs working on it?” — Hamming

Summer Internship at HP Inc.

I’m interning with the HP’s Strategic Planning and Modelling (SPaM) team where we build supply chain models for HP printers. Specifically, our team builds demand forecasting models. Cara and Jerry are amazing mentors. Lots to learn!

Project A

An international chemicals company is overstocking some items and running low on some others. With so many SKUs, it is rather complicated to figure out which ones are important to monitor. Because of netting logic, some SKUs have over 300% overstock over average demand. What’s a useful way to model their inventory?

Project B

A North Carolina based hygiene products company was facing a lot of returns, sometimes up to 15% of their sales. Using the data they provided for sales, transportation and claims we found opportunities to streamline distribution. We found that some companies ordered in smaller number of cases but more frequently, which could be causing returns — it was definitely causing trouble at the warehouse. Now, we are planning to devise an optimal ordering pattern for their customers which would save them both time and money.

The project is largely concluded at present.

Project C

A New York based clothing company is deciding new products to develop. One way to “mine” new product ideas is by looking through the internet — diving into Tweets and Facebook ads.

Project D

Consider a situation where one company has structural efficiency — ability to ship cheaply — while another doesn’t. I believe the company with the efficiency will overtake the other over time. How do I prove it?

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June 11, 2022
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